# Hey, I'm Sander.

I design and develop digital products, web applications and websites. I work mainly from my office in Breda, the Netherlands. I tweet @fishsander, write @sandervisser and some of the projects I am (or used to be ;)) proud of are down here.

  • Defty
    Connecting creative workshops hosts and participants with each other.
    NodeJS, Express, Vue.js, Sass, DigitalOcean
  • Bookinglayer
    Freelance design and development of marketing website (with Stay Bold).
    Jekyll, Markdown, Sass/Foundation
  • Broaap
    Freelance design and development (with Stay Bold).
    Meteor, React, Sass/Foundation
  • Wordeys
    Helping people self-direct their language learning.
    Ruby on Rails, Vanilla JS, Sass, Heroku
  • Brams Paris
    Freelance e-commerce design and development (with Parlor).
    Craft CMS, Twig, Sass/Foundation, jQuery
  • Daisy
    Freelance design and development (with Parlor).
    Craft CMS, Twig, Sass/Foundation, jQuery
  • Cribber
    Freelance design and front-end development.
    PHP, Sass, jQuery
  • Mart Makelaardij
    Freelance design and development.
    Craft CMS, Twig, Sass/Foundation, jQuery
  • Pickle
    Interaction and visual design as student project.

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# Tools and technologies

I find new technologies exciting and am always in the lookout for new stuff. I design and research with pencil & paper, Sketch, Figma, InVision and Marvel. I generally develop with technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript (vanilla and frameworks like jQuery, React, Vue and Angular), Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, PHP, Gulp, Webpack, npm and SCSS. I can handle front end frameworks too, although I prefer to roll my own. Tools are just tools though. I'm open to work with anything exciting.

# Reach me

I'm currently available for freelance work. If you have a cool project and want to work together, send me an email at sander@sanderfish.nl or contact me on Twitter (@fishsander).