Laughing at your foolishness

We laugh at other people’s foolishness. At their little failures, accidents and annoyances. We laugh when they trip, drop something or bump into something. And when we laugh, we don’t do it to discredit them. We really just find it funny they did something by accident. That their body and mind did something different than they expected it to do.

But oh does all hell break loose when this happens to us.

So I wondered; if we can enjoy others foolishness, then why not enjoy our own? I’ve started making a point of laughing about my own foolishness. It’s actually very funny! I got stung by nettles. Funny! And over 30 mosquito bites. Haha!

It lightens the mood. Not making fun of yourself. Just laugh. Don’t be so serious. Things go wrong, have always gone wrong and will always go wrong. Laugh about it.

Published on June 01, 2021