Hey, I'm Sander.

I help companies create, communicate and grow software products.

I'm a full stack developer/designer and entrepreneur. I can help your company build an MVP, redesign your application or website, add features to your existing application or create your new marketing site.

I care about speed, SEO, accessibility and good UX. I believe software companies should launch fast and iterate often. The most important part of creating software is to get it out there for people to see and use.

I grew up in the Netherlands and now travel by plane, train and van while working remotely. You can find me on Twitter at @fishsander.

Recent work

  • Founder / Helping business owners and creators receive money online without writing code.
    NodeJS, Koa, MongoDB, React, Styled Components, Stripe Connect, Heroku
  • Freelance / Maintenance and development of content site, shopping feed, admin panel and data feed importer.
    Next.js, Serverless, NodeJS, MongoDB, React, Sanity
  • Founder / Collaborating on wow-sites (with Flowen).
    React, Greensock, Animation
  • Freelance / Development of data driven clinician dashboard and marketing site.
    React, Styled-Components, Apollo GraphQL
  • Founder / Scratching our own itch by building a weekly planner app to improve our focus (with Stay Bold).
    Meteor, React, Styled-Components, MongoDB, Heroku

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Tools and technologies

The tools and technologies I use depend on the project requirements, but my currently preferred stack exists of:

  • Design: Figma
  • Front end: JavaScript / React / Nextjs / Gatsby
  • Back end: NodeJS / Express / MongoDB / Serverless

Let's work together!

I'm currently available for hire for contract/freelance projects. If you have a problem to solve and want to work together, contact me on Twitter (@fishsander), Telegram (@sanderfish) or send me an email at sander@sanderfish.com.