# Hey, I'm Sander.

I'm an indie maker and freelance full stack developer. I like working on digital products, web applications and websites. I'm from a small town in the Netherlands, but am traveling and working across Europe by plane, train and van. I tweet @fishsander and (sometimes) write @sandervisser. Some of the projects I've worked on are down here:

  • Founder / Helping business owners and creators receive money online without writing code.
    NodeJS, Koa, ReactJS, Redux, Tailwind CSS, Stripe Connect, Heroku
  • Freelance / design and development of mobile app for booking management (with Stay Bold).
    React Native (cross platform), Redux
  • Freelance / Design and development of marketing website (with Stay Bold).
    Jekyll, Markdown, Sass/Foundation
  • Freelance / Adding Stripe Connect checkout functionality to existing application.
    Meteor, React, Stripe Connect
  • Founder / Helping people practise vocabulary online.
    Ruby on Rails, Vanilla JS, Sass, Heroku
  • Freelance / e-commerce design and development (with Parlor).
    Craft CMS, Twig, Sass/Foundation, jQuery
  • Freelance / designing and developing a social platform for stundent homes in the Netherlands.
    PHP, Sass, jQuery
  • Freelance / design and development of real estate agent website.
    Craft CMS, Twig, Sass/Foundation, jQuery
  • Bachelor course / Interaction and visual design as student project.
    Sketch, Framer

# Stay updated.

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# Tools and technologies

The tools and technologies I use depend on the project, but my currently preferred stack contains:

  • Pencil & paper
  • Sketch/Figma
  • Vanilla JavaScript / ReactJS
  • NodeJS / Express / Koa
  • Tailwind CSS / Tachyons

Tools are just tools though. I'm open to work with anything exciting.

# Reach me

I'm currently available for hire for contract/freelance projects! If you have a cool project and want to work together, contact me on Twitter (@fishsander) or send me an email at sander@sanderfish.nl.